Alright, lately alot of AO newbs have been posting tutorials that

1. aren't tutorials at all

2. are copied from another site or another location and aren't there own

3. Are incredibly short and uniformative

4. are just a list full of links

5. Aren't even computer related, I saw some tutorial that was gratified that had just like 50 links to the home page of news companies in other countries

6. Just aren' what AO expects when you write a tutorial.

This tutorial explains what you all that have recently registered (i.e. mainly sometime this past winter and onward) need to expect when : writing tutorials, reading tutorials, assigning points to tutorials.

First off I will start with Writing tutorials.
Writing Tutorials
-------- ----------
0. Make sure you read JP's post that says READ ME FIRST ! This means read it before you post anything in here.

1.A common misconception is that you have to be a master of the subject you are wanting to write a tutorial over. Wrong.

The very best way in my opinion, and i have written well over 50, (20 at AO, some aren't really within the boundaries of AO's standards others aren't very good) is to research what you want to write a tutorial on, open up a text editor (In linux/unix i prefer pico, in windows Notepad works fine) and just start writing

2. Try to make the tutorial entertaining. This will keep the user reading it informed, yet with more attention.

3. Use a damned spell checker if you can find one. I use kword for that, but occasionally forget.

4. Make sure the tutorial is of reasonable length.

5. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES POST SOMETHING THAT YOU DID NOT WRITE ON YOUR OWN ACCORD WITH YOUR OWN BRAIN (i.e. dont copy a tutorial or information somewhere else, thats illegal)

6. Make a nice title for the tutorial so that

A} more people will want to read it

B} when they open it they wont be appalled that it is completely unrelated to its topic

C} there is no C

7. Don't Put the word "Newbie" in everyone of your damned tutorials, i see this everyday. By reading it we realize its for beginners (hopefully)

8. Dont write the tutorial just for antipoints, but if you do, expect to get the antipoints you deserve. Tutorials arent like other posts.

9. Do not post a tutorial on various im throwing this in here to see if anyone actually reads this if so respond subjects that aren't related to anything to do with computers in regards to : software, hardware, firmware, networking, programming concepts, etc
you get the point there ^
this includes posting a damned tutorial that is full of links and nothing else.

and finally

10. If your tutorial gets bad reviews delete it and revise it, then post it again and expect better results, don't just leave it, then write a revised edition (ive seen this before)

Reading Tutorials
---------- ----------
Its always good to actually read the tutorial before you post a review, i have seen this countless times, to where people just say "Nice tutorial" before they read it fully. This allows for people to post shite that falls under one of the "Do Not" Categories mentioned above. It happens all the time.

Make sure you think about your review that you post, and make sure it makes sense.

If you feel the need to "add something" to a tutorial, don't do it, its rude. Write your own damned tutorial instead of saying "O you left out this that i just found.. " or "Yes but this is a better way..." Just send them negs for it or a pm if it is bad enough, otherwise go about your own fisking business.

Spend some time on reading the tutorial if it is indeed a good one, that is the best way to appreciate someone's work.


Assigning Anti-Points To Tutorials
----------- ---- ------- --- ---------

Usually after I write a tutorial, alot of the time i just get either a blank assignment or an automatic neg with no assignment.

There are several rules you should follow before assigning anti-points to tutorials:

If it falls under the categories i mentioned that were "The supposed to's" then it deserves merit. (ie antipoints (positive ones))

If it doesn't, figure out for yourself if it deserves negs, or just some direction via pm. The user can then promptly delete it if they feel it necessary. Anti-points aren't meant as a warning, they are meant as an action taken to either a good doing or a wrong doing.

Make sure you NEVER assign a tutorial negative points unless it falls under my "Do Nots" up above. There is absolutely no reason to denegrate someone's work just because you "Dont agree with it"

I find it appalling that tutorials are negged here all of the time because they have the word "Hacking" in them. O btw, do not post a tutorial that teaches you "leet speak"

Hacking doesn't mean breaking into a computer. Hacking means figuring something about by manipulating it until you find the right answer.

Sorry about this fit of rage, but i figure this will be useful to the people that obviously just come on here, see someone's name that says "Tutorials posted: 11" or something to that effect and go hrm.. that person has alot of antipoints, i want those, and goes on to post tutorials that fall under my "Do not" categories, and most of the time actually get points for them.

It all disgusts me. Listen to Negative, that cat knows what he is doing, and listen to intelligence (if you have any) because it by itself should dictate whether or not you post a good tutorial, Antionline is not an archive, we don't want a load of **** here. We want good solid tutorials that can actually make sense to someone, and posting a tutorial about going to australias daily newspaper or whatever website is NOT a tutorial.


/me steps off soapbox ready to be heckled.