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Thread: Have problem installing modem in RH, help.

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    Unhappy Have problem installing modem in RH, help.

    hello guys,

    i got a problem installing a modem that supports linux...

    1) when i added the modem (pci pragamtic v.90 fax/data modem linux compitable) kudzu detected the new hardware and i told it to do an automatic config...and so it did...but i dont see it listed in the internet wizard config..

    2) also after adding my isp info and i want to activate it the system freezes and does not response (kind of like windows, LOL!) and is it necessary to config...the DNS? pls help!

    3) bye the i do have a driver that is compitable...

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    www.linuxquestions.org i dont use Linux so i dont have much information tha could help you but try this site

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    you could always try to configure it manually, yes redhat will sometimes want the DNS entries for your ISP, just ask them for the DNS IP's and theyre sure to give them to you, ive asked for them before and never been refused them to its no prob getting them

    a site that deals with winmodems in linux (yours will be a winmodem type just that it is 'compatable' is out there


    if all else fails, you might be able to get a linux driver for it from www.driverguide.com


    ive got drivers for really old windoze stuff on there and its saved me a few times before so its worth a shot

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