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Thread: Im with stupid

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    Firewall: well... the thing is that i made many only tests with the firewall turned off and they all said i was secure.
    Did you consider that those test maybe were performed on you ISP's firewall/proxy? Some ISP's hide their network to the outside world (internet). It seems that al traffic comes from one computer (their proxy). But actually, this proxy translates (masks) the IP-addresses of their users PC's to the proxy's IP.
    Most security scanning sites show the IP-address of the computer that is scanned. Maybe you should check if the IP is that of your computer. If it is not, then another computer was scanned. So the results of the test relate to the computer with the mentioned IP. This means that the security testresult says nothing about the secureness of your computer.

    To the outside world (internet) your PC seems secure (because of the firewall/proxy), but inside your ISP's network you're possibly vulnerable to the attacks of other users on your ISP's network.

    and each of them have the drives shared with full access (c:\ d:\)...
    It doesn't seem a good idea to me to share your drives on your ISP's network. You mentioned you have your PC's connected with a second NIC, I suggest you only enable file-sharing on this NIC and not on the one that's connected to the internet.

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    With the setup you have described you are anything but safe. No firewall+no antivirus=BIG risk. Now personaly i dont use any nortons software. and i have have a fire wal and av program. If you are realy agains having a software firewall maybe you should consider using a hardware firewall. Maybe even a router with built in firewall and save yourself the cost of the extra internet connection. and refusing to update is the WORST thing you could do running a windows box. they dont release all those patches for the fun of it, you know?and definately diasble the sharing of your drives on the network that is connected to the internet.

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    Certainly listen to the many good posts your post has recieved.. this comment caught my eye..
    I really want to avoid contact with microsoft at most.
    Now 75% of my personal network (when all my machines are here) run one version or another of windoze.. 1 machine runs RH 7 (about to be upgraded to 8), lycoris, and mandrake 9.. I spend over 95% of my time in windaz.. BUT If you realy want as little as possable to do with Microsoft.. and you are the only user of the machine.. either Mandrake 9.1 or RH 8.. and you are in complete control.. I am not joking.. it is horses for courses.. and you just maybe a *nix kind of person..


    edit: you can tell i don't run a speel chequer
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    "It doesn't seem a good idea to me to share your drives on your ISP's network. You mentioned you have your PC's connected with a second NIC, I suggest you only enable file-sharing on this NIC and not on the one that's connected to the internet." ???????

    Many thanks for your replays.

    I think i already said how many computers are connected... i know and maybe in the future i will chose a router, that thing will reduce me one internet connection and also make the network, not only internet, will be nice but i still have to think about it and most important understand it, i will wait because i also want to upgrade to adsl i think, for example... what about the ip addresses ? will each computer have their own ip address ? wont it mess up and give problems two computers with the same internet connection ?

    (other reason why i like to have to connections is because i do lots of downloads and things... two connections make even games easy to play online, playing online with the same connection is impossible, it sucks here at portugal, i got the best speed www.netvisao.pt offers (518 kbs) and my max download is around 50kbs, but the main reason really is to avoid problems and make things simple)

    I really dont know much, i mean for you geeks this thing is just basic, hehe.
    But for me one thing i know... i have total control over my computer, i know what software is installed, what each file is doing, etc... the reason why i didnt (and maybe still dont) want to have a firewall was because it didnt only make access to some sites strange, i had to turn it off, it also... you know... there are things that it blocks and it shouldnt, i dont like when there is something making things impossible to go right, i hate that!
    The thing that i could do is to learn more... understand the equipment and the system, then i would be abble to do things right, my knowlgment (something like that, this word sucks) is still only what_to_do_to_avoid_problems.

    Correction: i did all the microsoft windows security and internet explorer upgrades. All my software is up to date, and i check all the options everything that i can chose everything that i can set up i see! but of course i can set things wrong. I always do a clean of all temp files, and what i do most is go to c:\ and see ALL my folders one by one and remove all files that i can. And also the thing that you can most notice in my system, i must have one of the most organized computers in the world! there is no way to explain lets just say that there are no files wich are installed under c:\Thing this means c:\ = program files, windows, Thing. Under c:\Thing you find Applications, Games... there is where all software goes c:\applications\[application_name] and thats all, did you understand omfg this thing makes me proud :P sorry i just have a paranoia as everyone, and this is mine

    I even use windows 98 se because i didnt like the windows xp making lots of files in strange places and that idea of services and things running and things that my computer does without me having control. (windows 98 is also the best to remember the good old dos time)

    Now i think you have a idea how i master my windows, and this is the main reason why im affraid of choosing other OS... i will have to learn everything again, etc. But still i want to use for example linux to understand what is behind a website, how systems work, this is good for someone who spends all his life in front of a computer (i dont study computers and i SUCK at numbers\mat)

    Well now i think you understand why i didnt like firewalls especialy norton because it makes LOTS of files everywhere, so please, you know im paranoid :P so if you tell me about a good sofware please... tell me that it wont do much more than out files in my applications folder and run at sartup

    Many thanks again for the newbie frendly talk.


    Network (control panel)
    -client for microsoft networks
    -f5d500, pci card network pci card |{network}|
    -Micronet sp2500r fast ethernet adapter |{internet}|
    -Tcp/ip f5d500, pci card network pci card
    -Tcp/ip Micronet sp2500r fast ethernet adapter
    -File and pronter sharing for microsoft networks

    Primary network logon
    -Windows logon

    Access control
    Share-level access control

    Printer and files shared, options from the 2 shares c:\ and d:\

    Access type: full

    No password


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    Talking Hehe

    I violated two of the internet bbs rules:

    1 Never make long posts
    2 Dont make personal posts


    But anyway, i removed the shares from my drive... and i got scared because i got a message saying that two users were connected.

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    if all u want is asecure computer u dont need 2 put any anti virus ...
    u can download any firewall , i prefer 2 u 2 download zonealarm , its pretty goood

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    Originally posted here by Magic-Guy
    if all u want is asecure computer u dont need 2 put any anti virus ...
    No anti-virus????

    What planet are you from man? With advice like that I'd venture to say your home is Uranus.....
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Re: Solutions

    Originally posted here by Thing
    Maybe i could survive with no firewall... i just want to know if anyone\anything can test my security for real!
    Give this site a shot.

    Sygate Online Security

    You'll regret having no firewall nor AV software...

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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    Originally posted here by Magic-Guy
    if all u want is asecure computer u dont need 2 put any anti virus ...
    u can download any firewall , i prefer 2 u 2 download zonealarm , its pretty goood

    As Saturday Night Live's very own Brian Fellow's says...."That's crazy!"

    Running no antivirus software and no firewall is rather stupid....

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