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Thread: Ad-aware or Spybot S&D??

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    Spybot S&D all the way

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    I use to be a big fan of Adaware.........but when spybot came out it out distants adaware by far!!! So my vote is for spybot!!!!!! spybot does a more complete cleaning in my opinon.

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    I have to go with the majority, as I did the same thing...I used Ad-Aware for about 6 months, then someone gave me a link to spybot, and I've used it ever since. However, I put Ad-Aware on my parents computer, and my sisters, as they fall into the "blind" category that Undertaker was talking about, and it does a decent job, certainly better than nothing. I guess it just depends on your comfort level, but personally I prefer Spybot.
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    Originally posted here by cgkanchi
    I actually use both. I run one first and then the other. Each has found stuff that the other one didn't.
    This is what i do aswell. I prefer Sybot, but i would never stop useing Adaware. When i run Spybot, i immediately run Adaware right behind it, and it seem's to find one more piece of spyware that wasnt picked up, and visa versa. Sorry about the redundancy here, but i wouldnt ditch one over the other, i would just keep using both.

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    WOW, thanks for the responses!

    I must confess, I read a bit further (it was under the heading of 'This is me spamming' in the Antivirus section) and this person posted the same question (although not in 'poll' form). I thought I'd get flamed for posting and not reading first.

    I's sorry.

    I guess I also wanted to know the reasons for people's prefs. I have come to the conclusion that as Framework (and others) said, "just use both" is probably the safest option. The safest way not always being the fastest way. I prefer security.

    Anywayz, thanks for every1's input. Greatly appreciated.
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    Red face My answer....

    I use Both... and I find that usually covers 99% of the
    Spyware out there....
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    Spybot Search & Destroy period.

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    I use both and have found they each have their own strengths

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    I use both, what one doesn't catch, the other will, and that's good enough for me.

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    I'm using both too... They find a little different things... Spybot doesn't look at IE cookies but Ad-Aware cleans every & the kind cookies. Spybot on the other hand does some general security updates by tweaking registry settings. Those have to be done only once so the first time you run it it look like it found a lot of "spyware" (if you had read the texts you would have noticed that they were only security fixes) and was better than Ad-Aware. I think as for the real spyware proggies they both find the same ones.
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