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    this makes this place suck !!!!

    all i did was try to be positive and encourage others to stay and look what i get rude comments and negs so **** ya all(the rude and dumb ones that is ) i will find somwhere else to hang and learn http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=244113

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    Hey bug's, don't be so hasty, this happen's every once and a while.

    Sometime's people will neg you, and you won't exactly understand why. It's happend to me before too, but i try my best to ignore it.

    Plus, you can't leave, i'm not done debating you in cosmos yet.

    Don't leave, just stick it out, and try your best to forget about it. Sometime's i get angry too about thing's, but the next day it seem's to go away. Just think about it.


    From my AP center.

    don't encourage people like this to stay. We want them gone
    I posted this yesterday, before bug's said all that bullshit about MsMitten's.

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    could you please lose the crotch shot for the avatar? some of us are on this site at work...

    and remember. everywhere sucks equally. its only going to be as good as YOU make it out to be.

    and if negative antipoints are the most of your worries, i would count myself very lucky, that i would.
    just like water off a duck\'s back... I AM HERE.

    for CMOS help, check out my CMOS tut?

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    Okay its time to use our brains here for just a second. Number one you need a new avatar. There are minors that frequent this site as well as adults that dont realy feel like having to look at trash like that. Second. if you DONT want negative points dont make posts like this one. it says youve been around long enough to make 103 posts so you should know better than that by now. If you dont want slammed dont whine about people diagreeing with you.

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