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Thread: What linux distribution do you use?

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    What linux distribution do you use?

    This is something that i've asked myself for some time. What linux distribution should i use? I've used until now redhat 6.1 and slacware 9.0

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    Red hat 8.0 is good for server sort of things, if u are beginner or intermediate user go for Mandrake or susi.lastly its ones own like or dislike for things that come into front basicakally all have same kernel

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    I have been using RedHat9.0.

    But since you have already used slackware and RH I suggest go to a *BSD such as OpenBSD, NetBSD, or FreeBSD.

    www.openbsd.org www.netbsd.org www.freebsd.org
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    No offense intended, but why not search the forums? This has been covered more times than I can count (hell, there's even a link to one in the similar threads at the bottom of this thread). I think, if you search the forums, you'll find a number of excellent responses to which distributions individuals use and why they use them.


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    yup avdven is right...

    Btw i use gentoo and suse....
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    I've used Red Hat 8.0 for quite a long time, it's great, you can secure it quite well. But you could have a look to Knoppix 3.2 as well (www.knopper.net), a Debian(unstable)-based linux distribution. It's quite complete.

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    slack and gentoo

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    currently RH 7 - games server
    have only played with RH6-7, Mandrake 9 (looked good for a windows guy), Lycorsis (give me windows)

    And this is from a person who is not really into linux.. I am checking things out.. suppose working on a SCO- Unix server don't count huh (ok i replace a bloody cooling fan in the sys-and it was when i had less grey hair)

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    I use SuSE 8.1 and RedHat 9. I prefer RH 9 though, so i use it more than SuSE.

    <edit> 8:02 Pm

    Ouch, i prefer RH 9 and i get negged. (i still like SuSE you know)

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    I started using Linux about 2 months ago , but right now im using Mandrake 9.0
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