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    I use Slackware, and have also used Mandrake Linux.

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    Iv used Red hat, Slack, K-12, turbo, mandrake ...SuSe owns them all

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    Slackware, but I've also used RedHat.

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    Hail, how are you gentlemen ?

    All my friends who are linux geeks\nerds use slackware, and when i tell them i want to use linux and i am going to install red hat, they say that red hat sucks, and big sucks! hehe
    I wouldnt go for mandrake... i think it wont be a real linux experience.

    Linux dot org, a webiste with a nice review of distributions


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    ive got Debian on my 2 client machines, running as unstable. and Mandrake 9.0 on my server. I prefer Debian for my client machines, only because of its packaging system. on a server, that isnt the problem as i dont have to install packages all the time. I've also used knoppix a few times. As a recscue disk. And i gave a few copies to 100% windoze admins at my school for them to play around with.


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    I started off with RedHat I got with a magazine..
    then SuSE all 7 cd's and the DVD..

    and now..

    well guess..
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    I started w/ Caldera from a Linux Dummies book, moved to Mandrake, now I'm all about the FreeBSD.
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    I like both Debian and RedHat. RedHat pretty much sets it self up and with Debian you have to get your hands a little dirty.
    \"Trying to outsmart a compiler defeats much of the purpose of using one.\" Kernighan & Plauger, The Elements of Programming Style.

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    Ive only used Mandrake 9.0 since im on 56k with little to no money. But unable to use it very well since i lacked a hardware modem (damn winmodems haha). soon as i get one i will be using that again.

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    Heh, where to begin....

    Since this is a "first" OSs post ill go through it:

    I started with a Windows 95 box 3 years ago, it was my first computer, i ****ed it up and so i got a new one with 98 SE on it, use that for about... hmm a while (i screwed my first one within like 5 months so within 6 months, so i got the one im on now which was top of the line at the time) aftre a while i heard about Linux and so i bought a teach yourself Linux in 24 hours book which came with Caldera, Well i was at schol and byt this time i had a computer for almosy 8 months and was bored with what they taught me so i deleted office and all 12 napsters on the 2 GB HDs at school and Partitioned and installed Linux....it was my first time and it worked the first time (RTFM pays off ) wel i was like holy ****, this rocks!!!!! then i bought mandrake 7.1 i liked it, it worked, bought redhat 6.1....hate it with a passion, bought SuSe 8.1 professional....LOVE IT and i recommend it to ANYONE read my sig for more info. SuSe RULES.

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