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Thread: How do I play in avi in a dvd player?

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    How do I play in avi in a dvd player?

    I created this small home movie of some of my family members and was wondering if anyone would know how to make this read on a dvd player. All I have is a CD Burner don't have a dvd burner or dvd rom. I tried plugging it in to my playstation 2 and it didn't work. Anyone know any good programs that I could use? Or how I could do this?

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    If i have downloaded a film in .avi format how can i then put that onto a vcd. in nero it says that the file is not supported or sumthin like that. any help???


    -- tom (tomlewis86@hotmail.com), March 01, 2003


    yes in a program called tmpgenc use this to encode to an mpeg and then burn in nero. you can find this in a website called vcd help.com go to tools there and look for an encoder or goto cnet downloads and download the encoder this should work fine for you.

    -- cb (sparky92@ptd.net), March 01, 2003.

    what the best video cupture to make MPG 1..(no moziak) what the one best motherbord to do cupture (MPG 1)

    -- riyanto (riyant_99@yahoo.com), March 01, 2003.

    just use the latest addition of Nero,which has the vcd and svcd plug in, strt to burn as you would an ordinary disc select the vcd button then drag your avi file to burn as normal and nero encodes it and burns it itself very very easyonly takes an hour or so
    I hope this help's, although i must say i have never tried to do this before.

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    Thats right Nero. Well July you would have to download Nero Here. The file size is 13.00 Mb and I think you have 45 days Free to try, after downloading reburn the movie with Nero and there you go, Free to play on PS2 or Dvd player (I do this all the time, so it works). Have fun and enjoy!!!!!!!

    P.S: This also works with OS.

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