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Thread: That Sucks!?

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    Unhappy That Sucks!?

    A little while ago i checked my Ap center and i saw this.

    don't encourage people like this to stay. We want them gone
    This was in response to a thread i made yesterday, before bug'sthecat posted that hateful/malicious sh*t about MsMitten's earlier today. I wrote in that post to him yesterday, because i felt sorry for him, his thread was something like "this is why this site suck's!" so i tried to talk him out of being so hasty. Unfortunately after his post today, someone went over to that post , saw what i wrote to him, and negged me.

    In fact i read that hateful post of his today, and i was the first to respond to it. I wrote:

    You ass! How dare you say that to that lady. MsMitten's is cool as heck.
    You can't see either post, since they were deleted after going suicidal, but i'm sure many of you saw that post today.

    I can deal with a neg accidentally given, but i can't except people thinking i would support a person like bug'sthecat, especially after what he said to MsMitten's.

    To MsMitten's: I would never agree with what he said, and i hope you will see that i in no way would ever condone his post.

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    Whoa! What was posted about me? I think I missed this one..
    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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    That's a good thing, because it was some bastard trying to get a rise out of us. He was just saying all kind's of hateful/rude/malicious crap about you. Just your everyday ******* i guess.


    It's still out on the front board under the title *Deleted*, you can't see it though cause i believe Neg deleted it in short order.


    deleted abunch of useless stuff.

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