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Thread: Windows security

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    Windows security

    H to everybody! I have heard that windows 98 is one from the most vulnerable OSs. What can i do so that i can have i little more security?And also if anyone can tell me wich is the best firewall.Thank you

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    Re: Windows security

    Originally posted here by justiceman
    H to everybody! I have heard that windows 98 is one from the most vulnerable OSs. What can i do so that i can have i little more security?And also if anyone can tell me wich is the best firewall.Thank you
    Umm, learn FreeBSD or OPENBSD. (hint: they aren't Microsoft based)

    The best firewall is one that I like to refer to as the "destructive packet filterer". In short it consists of one moderately strong hand and a pair of tin snips. After wrapping the DPF around the point of entry (the ethernet cable connecting your computer to the Internet) squeeze with enough force to sever the line, thus giving you an incredible amount of security. This barrier is one that even the most seasoned hacker could not begin to breach. Problem solved.

    Good luck and welcome to AO.....

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    hehehe, Korp thats a good one, not practical but extremely secure :-)

    umm the best firewall ive come across is tiny personal firewall, they dont have the free one anymore, but im sure that you can find it on a p2p service or something, its called pf2.exe and the filesize should be around 1.35 meg

    another good one ive heard of is called agnitum outpost, im not sure of the download site for it but search google and you should come up with something

    another one is called zonealarm, then theres also blackice, i tried blackice on xp but it messed my box up so im not too confident about that one

    hope you have some fun with these :-)

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    Sygate is another great firewall that's free or pay. http://www.sygate.com

    I have the pay version and haven't had a problem. Kerio is another great little firewall that is free. It's a lot like Tiny only improved.

    An excellent free firewall is Look and Stop Lite. It's the basic firewall without bells and whistles but is rock solid. Unfortunately, it won't work with XP, at least not on this computer.

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    Chuck, I have sygate on my XP machine and it works just fine.

    To justice: To keep your pc secure, just keep it updated with microsoft's security updates found at www.windowsupdate.com

    As for Firewalls, heres a little comparison chart with basically every well-known firewall (Very detailed)


    Also, there is no best firewall, it just depends on what you need and dont want in a firewall.
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    Just to say that all the free firewalls mentioned will work correctly under Win 98/ME/XP.

    btw Sygate does work correctly under WinXP - I've been using it for some time.

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    You could go out and buy a more secure version of Windows...

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    talking about an oximoron..

    what about just using windows98 (se?) with full updates and using a firewall box infront of it..

    a simple linux (or BSD ) based firewall can be setup on a 486 or above..
    and I've tested a p75 based firewall on a good 100Mbit line, and it took all the traffic and had spare processor time to do some folding..

    just try it..

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    i do think chuck was right, Sygate good as a firewall , and thanks for the link JINX, that's quiet nice ... i also got Sygate on my laptop and havent got any problem yet ( i hope not ) .. i was using Zone Alarm Pro, easier to use ( my opinion ).

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