I was thinking about a problem with creating the best password. I know it should be a combination of upper/lowercase letters, digits and non-alphabetic characters. Another approach is to pick a favorite sentence (i.e I love Big Mac and Fries), take the first letter of each word (I, l, B, M, a, F) and make up a word of them (ilbmaf) maybe alternating an uppercase and a lowercase letter and ending it with a digit (IlBmAf4). The problem with this approach is in the case the user is using multiple password-accessed applications ( maybe couple email services, few pay-for-content websites, some network-accessible resources) and it adds up to a lot of passwords to remember knowing that it's not wise to use the same password twice and for long periods of time, nor is it smart to write it down. How can a user remember multiple hard-to-guess passwords and which passwords are used to access what resources?
I just want to hear your opinion.