Ok, one of my primary goals/projects of the summer is to use strictly linux at home. I use m$ at work... so it'll be a good opportunity to become very fluent in both OSs. I've only been using linux for about 2 years and so far mostly as a server.
I'm now trying to use it as a desktop OS. What I have seen of it so far, I am very happy with. I really like how everything is so customizable.

I'm running RH9 with the KDE desktop.

While I was customizing I accidentially got rid of the Red Hat "start" button. I have figured out that I can add back the applications menu... but it doesn't have all the cool options on it that the red hat one has on it.

How do I get it back? I've been trying all kinds of things but so far can't figure it out.... Whenever I do searches for it... I don't come up with anything useful.

Anyone had this problem? How did you fix it?

Thanks in advance!!!

Ok it won't let me delete this thread. I figured it out... a little more easy than I had thought... Doh!

Right click on the taskbar, add, special button, K menu

the K menu threw me off cause its not the clasic K menu button... its an icon of the red hat that RH uses...

If any moderators would like, please feel free to delete this. It wouldn't let me...