Support: I stand by everything I have said in this thread.

With regard to your comment about some AOer's criticising other's English I would state the following two points:

1. Nowhere, but nowhere, in the however many messages I have posted will you see me criticising other AOer's English and, to be quite honest, I cannot recall seeing anyone else criticising another's English. I can recall numerous occasions where clarification of what has been said has been requested but there is a good reason for that. This business requires a certain amount of accuracy. Failure to properly communicate a problem will normally result in an incorrect, or worse, more damaging solution. Thus, a request for clarification of what has been said should, in no way, be considered criticism, but rather an honest attempt to ensure that one can be as helpful as possible.

2. Yes, I criticised BitDefender's English but firstly they are not another AOer. More importantly this is a company that is trying to make it's way in the business world. More specifically they are trying to solicit customers from the English speaking business world. It is therefore incumbent upon them to ensure that their releases are made in proper English with correct spelling and grammar. Frankly, it doesn't say much for BitDefender's attention to detail, (which is paramount when you are selling a product designed to _protect_ others), that they have not yet learned that Microsoft Word, (English version), has both a spell checker and a grammar checker built in. Thus the simple little act of passing their releases through Word prior to publication would go a long way in enhancing their credibility with the audience they are trying to sell to and that, in the long run, will be reflected in their annual profits.