Beat the head on the keyboard to continue

You insert any first number of 11 figures to go out

Prizes any key to continue or anybody else to go out

Prizes any key except... no, No, No, Not That!!

reward Ctrl-halt-Del for the test on your quotient of intelligence now

You close the eyes and ESC prizes three times

Command or wrong file name! You go to punishment in the angle

This will interrupt the session of Windows. Do you want to make another game?

Message of Windows: "Error saving the file! To format the fixed disk now? "

File not found. Do I invent it to me? (Y/N)

Runtime error 6D at 417A: 32CF: incompetent user

Windows VirusScan 1.0 - "Found Windows: remove it? (Y/N)

Insufficient memory to perform... that I was writing?

Succeeded operation. If the situation persists, to contact the supplier of the operating system

I don't like the disk in the united CD-ROM. Don't you have better anything of?

- Dad, What are the icons?
- They are sacred images.
- And why Windows has so many of it?
- Because it want a miracles to make work it