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Thread: Network Maping

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    Question Network Maping

    What software do you guys use for maping out networks. somthing like smart draw or VISIO? or do you use some that is free? I could use some help. Thank you.
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    if your on about maping the drives just do it from my computer
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    sadpterpan: He's talking about diagramming a network. It's vital as a system admin to have an up-to-date network map include with your documentation (IMHO anyways).

    I use Visio. It's how all Network Mapping is taught at the college here. It's very handy with all it's network icons already built in. I guess I got off lucky though, because I was able to get it for free threw the college.

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    Hey HT. . .Visio rocks! I got mine through work as well...
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