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Thread: Attn: Sercurity Professionals

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    Attn: Sercurity Professionals

    I have a career question for all of you professionals. Actually several. The first is did any of you require a federal clearance for a civilian job? The reason for this question is that I have been convicted of several felonies and was going to go into the sercurity field but feel this would severely limit me. I can always have my record expunged and sealed but that is a long process that is not always guaranteed. I am coming up on that point in my education (college) in which turning around and changing my major would be very difficult. I would greatly appreciate any of your advice.

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    Most buisnesses won't immediatley disqualify you if you have been convicted of a felony. . .just be honest about your offenses on your resume and when applying for the job. . .if you don't tell them that you've been convicted of a felony and they run the background check and it pops up, you definatley won't get the job or if you already have it and they run the check and you didn't include that information you'll be fired.
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