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Thread: New logo, tagline throughout site

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    New logo, tagline throughout site

    As you may have noted, we've started using the winning logo throughout the site, and we've changed the site's tagline to Maximum Security for a Connected World. This was a result of the suggestions by members to change the tagline, and was inspired by Memory's own suggestion, which was Maximum Security for Your System.

    You'll also note that we've added the News and Products sections to the forum pages, and have shrunken the logo down in the forum area. You may periodically see an ad next to the logo and news/products listings. By shrinking the logo, and getting rid of the horizontal ad at the top of the page, we didn't have to move the content down the page at all with the addition of this new type of ad.

    We know you may prefer to not have to see the ads on the site, but they pay for our ability to bring you this site, so we hope that you'll understand why we use them on the site.

    Thanks again to our logo contest winners, Sick Dwarf and Greek Goddess, and to Memory for the tagline suggestion!

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    ah you guys... no problem ...lol ....i love this site

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    Nothing against you MermorY, but I kinda liked the old "Hackers know the weak.....". I know I have been only here ofr like 2 months but thats my opinion. Not a big fan of the logo either. Just my $.02

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    Hey Intmon,

    Ads ok, I can live with that, but M$ ads ? Come on ....
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    i like the one " Maximum security for your system" better ...but still this ones good too ....

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    I kinda don't like the new site layout. I prefer the old moto" hackers know the...." and I think it's more representative of the site's informative contents, cuz this new one "Maximum security...." sounds like a marketing line. makes it sound like Antionline is a product against identity theft or something. Just my Thoughts.
    still, i love AO.
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    My opinion is that I like the new logo, But the only thing that I dislike is the menu following me around. But I think that will pass in about one more week of getting used to. This is a BIG change for me but I still love this site (The best in the world) .

    Thats my opinion........... Cya --D00dZ AtTaCkiN--
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