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    Fist I just wanna say hello to everyone. I am still in high school and my teacher invited a police officer into or computer science class to talk about computer crime and he was mostly talking about the consequences recieved for hacking computers and such.After he left our techer gave us a ssignment on computer crime, she told us that we could do it on any topic so long as it was computer crime related. Most of the students chosse varying hacking/cracking topics. I choose something different, I choose Making fake id's and the consequences of doing so. I was searching on google and found very little info on it, mostly i just found sites advertising "novelty" ID's. So my question to you all is do you know of any sites that are good with a description on how these ppl do make them including falsifying the barcodes and such. And i know most of you are thinking that "hes just wanting to get a reply from me so he can make one" however this is not true, if thats what you believe then I cant really do anything to prove it to you other then I give you my word that this is fully legit.Thank you for any replies, Have a nice day.

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    I know I'm a little slow, but is making fake id's exactly on topic for your report? Why not try somthing about smart card technology and it's security issues? It's a much hotter topic and should be easier to research. Just a suggestion.

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    At least they are getting smarter about how they work their request. Instead of flat out asking for a phile on making fake id's, they are creating a story. Maybe he is even telling the truth. EIther way I myself could not find info on the subject. I agree with bigb though. There are a variety of other subjects concerning security that you could write your report on that will have more documentation on. I'd look around.


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