I've been using AVG AntiVirus for a long time now, and I must say I love it. For one it's free forever, no subscriptions or other crap Symantec will put you through, and no up-front costs that McAffee will put you through. Considering the only other person using my computer is very very apathetic (doesn't care, for all you lazy folk ) when it comes to security (and I quote: "They're not going to hack our computer! They have no reason! Why would they want to? It'll never get hacked into, I promise.") and it has caught many viruses that the other person has opened as email attachments (quote: "It was from someone I knew!"). Sure, it may not have all the bloated features of Symantec's or McAffee's a/v programs, but it works just fine for me. Manually updating the virus definitions is a little awkward, but I just noticed a little automatic updating function, so that's cool.


Give it a try, and give them your real email. They send you a code you have to input during installation (copy+paste from email). Don't worry, they won't spam your email.

À bientôt!