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    banner free

    This has propably been posted here but still,

    when I login I see this
    Earned Site Benefits

    Conference Rooms
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    Addicts Forum Access
    Banner Free Surfing
    see attachment

    But what do I see, a big (over 200x200) flash animation telling me that microsoft is safer and cheaper..
    Man, if this kinda thing keeps up I'll leave..

    I alway's start to scream MINDCONTROLL whenever I see a Microsoft add..
    And I just can't have that whenever I'm surfing AO..

    and then there is this
    Security News

    Entrust Enhances Security Management Software
    Aspelle Adds Application-Level Authentication to SSL VPN
    Faster Detection, Smaller Price Tags from Intrusion Inc.

    Security Products

    East-Tec Eraser 2003 v4.0 (EAST Technologies)
    ActiveScreenLock (DMVsoft)
    Password Manager XP 1.3 (CP-Lab.com)
    Mutilate File Wiper (Craig Christensen)
    Desktop Scout (GlobalPatrol)
    East-Tec DiskSanitizer GOV v2.1 (EAST Technologies)

    Man, this site is turning into a bordello !!

    To top it all off a 750 x 100 pixels animated (yuck) gif banner at the bottom for some kind of "webinar" wich doesn't even open a new screen, but makes me lose all I just typed into this box..



    You people are losing (or gonna be losing) members faster then the pro-tobacco lobby !!
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    They are losing members, but the members who stay are still contributing to the CPV(Cost Per View) or CPI(Cost per Impression) banners, this site probably gets hundreds of thousands hits in a month, that adds up.
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