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    intrusion detection

    anybody know of a good but cheap intrusion detection program?
    Sorry, not a wealthy guy. Any intrusion detection info would also be greatly appreciated. New to this site but have found you guys are unbelievably good!!!!!
    michael mc devitt

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    Snort. It doesn't get any cheaper then this (it's free).

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    Zone Alarm is not only a good intrusion detecter, but it is the best firewall I have ever used. It will also trace the intruder for you without having to use a seperate ping program. If you can afford it, the Pro version is fantastic!
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    If your able to monitor every bit of traffic and analyze it, nothing really cant get past you. If you do end up getting a IDS system make sure you configure it to monitor all used protocols, telnet,FTP,RPC,DNS,SMTP etc.. If you dont have a firewall, nows the time to get one with your IDS system.

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    Thanks for the Snort link. I am starting to think about IDS and you just pointed me in the right direction.
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