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Thread: file transfer using telnet

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    file transfer using telnet

    under certain circumstances i am forced to use only telnet to access a ftp server...........
    i did connected using
    #telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 21
    USER and PASS works
    but LIST doesnt work... it says "425 Use PORT or PASV first" ..the remote host is using vsFTP ???
    i need to transfer files from this remote host onto my PC no ls dir get put worx..............
    any help ??

    thanks ..........in advance

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    have you considered secure copy? It is a function of SSH (basically secure telnet). The syntax is beyond easy.

    scp [-pr] [userid@][source host:][path to file] [userid@][destination host:][path to file]


    From Unix to Unix

    You want to copy files /home/vanacker/*.html (all files in that directory that end in ".html") on CPC Unix host talltoad.cpc.unc.edu to your public_html subdirectory on ATN's Isis system and you are logged into talltoad already. At the talltoad unix prompt, you would enter:

    scp /home/vanacker/*.html isis.unc.edu:~vanacker/public_html

    You would then be prompted for your passwd for the vanacker account on Isis.

    From Unix to PC

    You want to copy a file /htdocs/fred.html on Unix host talltoad.cpc.unc.edu into the current directory on your desktop PC, and your userid on talltoad.cpc.unc.edu is "charlie". In a DOS window, you would enter:

    scp charlie@talltoad.cpc.unc.edu:/htdocs/fred.html .

    Here, the "." corresponds to the present working directory in your DOS window.
    You would then be prompted for the passwd for the charlie account on talltoad.cpc.unc.edu.

    From PC to Unix

    You want to copy a file D:\myfiles\work.ppt on your desktop PC to your home directory on statapps, the ATN statistical computing platform, and your userid on statapps is "mmouse". In a DOS window, you would enter:

    scp D:\myfiles\work.ppt mmouse@statapps.unc.edu:~mmouse

    You would then be prompted for the passwd for the mmouse account on statapps.unc.edu.

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    You cannot transfer files over FTP using a telnet client. This is because the FTP protocol uses two connections - one for control and another for data. What you have established above is the control connection, the data connection needs to be established independently.

    Can you really not use a FTP client?

    Sounds weird.


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    Slarty is correct

    ....if your interested, have a read about how Active and Passive FTP work:


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