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Thread: Novell slaps SCO's hand

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    Novell slaps SCO's hand

    Novell shows support for Linux in the following article. It seems that Novell owns the copyrights to Unix and not SCO after all.
    Web reference http://www.novell.com/news/press/arc...5/pr03033.html

    SCO continues to say that it owns the UNIX System V patents, yet it must know that it does not. A simple review of U.S. Patent Office records reveals that Novell owns those patents [1].
    Could SCO have known that they don’t own the patents that they are accusing IBM and Linux on infringing on? Could they have missed something like this? Do they know they don’t own these patents and yet still continue to scream ‘IP infringement’?

    Is this the same IP that Microsoft licensed? http://news.com.com/2100-1016_3-1007528.html

    We believe it unlikely that SCO can demonstrate that it has any ownership interest whatsoever in those copyrights. Apparently, you share this view, since over the last few months you have repeatedly asked Novell to transfer the copyrights to SCO, requests that Novell has rejected. Finally, we find it telling that SCO failed to assert a claim for copyright or patent infringement against IBM [1].
    It seems that SCO may be feverishly trying to obtain ownership of UNIX copyrights that it may be trying to use against IBM and Linux. It looks like an end around.

    We hope you understand the potential significant legal liability SCO faces for the possible harm it is causing to countless customers, developers, and other Linux community members [1].
    “Significant legal liability.” I hope SCO heard this loud and clear. They should since this is the kind of stuff they have been spewing. http://www.sco.com/scosource/letter_...customers.html

    Last I heard, SCO was not worth much. Perhaps they could be absorbed by a company claiming that their business was damaged due to false claims.

    We demand that SCO retract its false and unsupported assertions of ownership in UNIX patents and copyrights or provide us with conclusive information regarding SCO's ownership claims. In the future, we hope SCO will adhere to standards of strict accuracy when stating its rights in UNIX [1].
    I can’t wait to see this retraction if and when it does happen.

    1) http://www.novell.com/news/press/arc...5/pr03033.html
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    All i have to say about this is "hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"

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    w00t w00t.

    ..oO(Goes to hug my linux boxes)
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    *reaches for a One that is Cold*

    Ah, Linux is the life

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    I like Linux

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    What would we all do without linux ?
    I guess selling some hotdogs is nice too

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    I started using Linux like, soon after i got a computer, i love it, i just think it should have better support from PC mans. I think the reason some people dont buy or invest in Linux is because its not common to have a PC come pre installed with it. Free BSD and Linux should have more spaces on the floor. I think it would dky rocket if peopel could go to best buy and buy a PC with BSD or Linux installed on it and ready to go.

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    You might want to take alook at this also.


    P.S. I used to hate Novell, now they seem to be on the right track. (except with their software)
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    It looks like another M$ vs Mac case, where SCO's just mad someone stole the neighbors TV first.

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    I've been upgrading a very large Novell Network to NetWare 6 and now, 6.5.

    The similarities with some of the linux distros out there is amazing. I work with five other Novell Engineers who are all better than I at the old stuff, but I'm the only one who works with Linux, so they all have to come to me hat-in-hand and ask me questions about how to make stuff work on the new servers. How sweet it is! Anyway....NetWare 6 even uses ICEWM and XFree86....when you boot one up one of the new servers you would swear you were booting a dead rat......um, I mean red hat box up. It's nice to see all the different diciplines I've studied coming together. It's even nicer that I'm the only one who knows this stuff at work. Talk about job security!

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