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    Required Reading: The NIIPA - 1996

    This isn't actually a tutorial, so I apologize if you were looking for such. However, this is something that anyone interested in hacking, security, law enforcement, law science, etc., should read.

    Put your feet up, because it's long.... but it's something every techie on this side of the fence should know.

    The National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996

    Also, if you search for the word "breaking" on the page, the first occurance contains information about lawfully "breaking into a computer system." This is where a lot of rumors can be hashed out, because it's not as black-and-white as some will lead you to believe.

    Remember, information is the best weapon to arm yourself with.
    If you knew my name, it would give away the fun and mystery. Sure, you\'d believe every word I said then, because you know who I am.... but what would be the fun in that?

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    why'd u put it in Tut forum then ...anyways .... this should be moved .... but the site looks interesting.....i'll have something to read tonight when i come home.....

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    hrm delete this before it gets any more negs, just move it to a different forum.

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