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    Talking Interesting Politic

    "Lil' Jimmy comes back from school and ask his dad:
    -Dad, I need help. It's about a homework concerning politics and I don't know anything about politics.
    The dad answers:Well, Sonny, the best way to understand politics is by example of this house.
    Because I feed the family, let's say I'm the capitalism, your mother is the governement because she controls everything, the maid is the working class because she works for us, you Jimmy is the people and your younger brother is the next generation.
    All excited, Jimmy goes to bed promising his dad that he'll try to understand those examples.
    During the night, Jimmy is awaked by the cries of his younger brother and finds out that his brother's diapers are dirty.
    He then goes to his parents' bedroom, unsuccessfully tries to awaken his mom and sees that his dad's spot is empty.
    Looking for his dad, Lil' Jimmy finds him in the maid's bed and desperatly goes back to bed.
    In the morning, Lil' Jimmy, all excited, goes to his dad and says proudly: Dad, I understood Politics.
    His dad then asks him to explain to him politics then, Jimmy says:
    I understood that capitalism screws the working class, while the government is sleeping ignoring the people and leaving the next generation in the ****. "
    hope you guys like it.
    \"Great spirits always encounter strong opposition from mediocre minds.\"
    Albert Einstein

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    Needed a good laugh. Long day for me at work.

    I don't know where I 'd be withouth the humor section.

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