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    Win XP Tut Edited

    Windows Xp Tutorial

    Change Start Caption.....

    first make a back up of your Explorer.exe file

    Download Resource Hacker from here http://www.softnews.ro/public/cat/5/4/5-4-5.shtml install it and Run the program

    .... open the file explorer from your drive:/windows/explorer.exe when you open it on the left site menu there are some

    options ...slick on the little plus next to String Tables... then click on the pl;us next to the number 37 and click on

    1033...now on the right side it says somethin like this

    578, " start"

    replace the start with whatever you want to appear on your Start Button.....
    after that Shoose File->Save As -> type in Whateverexplorer.exe and save it somewhere on your desktop.....
    Now go to regedit ( start->run->regedit )
    go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - > SOFTWARE ->Microsoft - > Windows NT - > WinLogon.... on the right side

    find an entry called Shell ... double click it ...now replace explorer.exe with your new created explorer filename...close

    regedit..... now Cut your new created Explorer.exe and paste it in the Windows directory .... restart your computer ...and

    enjoy the new Start Caption .....

    Enable/Disable Task Manager

    In a post here @ AO someone posted when he presses CTRL+ALT+DEL an error appears that says .. Somethin like The Task Manager was disabled by your Administrator..but he was the only admin on the machine.... so i just thought if that happens to anyone else he can find help here....

    open Regedit ( start -> run - > regedit ) go to HKEY_LOCAL_USER ..go to Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current / Version/Policies/System
    there you'll se an netry called DisableTaskMgr ....Double Click it ..... there should be a ZER0 in the entry...key 1 for

    DISABLING the Task Manager and 0 for Enable Task Manager....

    Better Disk Cleanup

    open Notepad... type in this

    c:\windows\system32\cleanmgr.exe /dc /sageset: 1
    cd \
    cd c:\windows\prefetch
    del *.* /q

    im assuming C:/ is your Main Hard Drive....

    Save the file but replace the .txt extension with a .bat extension .... name it whatever you want ..... double click the file ..which will activate Disk Cleanup in a special mode....
    after that change the first line ( left click on the .bat file and choose edit ) to read the following

    c:\windows\system32\cleanmgr.exe /dc /sagerun: 1

    save the file ... now u can run this program instead of Disk Cleavup

    Test your WinXP box security with this tool .... you can download it here ...http://www.microsoft.com/technet/tre...s/mbsahome.asp

    i know it's a microsoft product ..but give it a shot
    Disable Indexing Service

    Indexing Service is know to corrupt these files (.html .doc .dat .rtf .txt and .xls )
    If the index for the indexing service exceeds 4 GB you can loose files
    indexed by the service....All Folders are non recoverable when lost ...

    Start --> Control Panel --> Performance and Maintenance --> Administrator Tools --> Services --> Select “Indexing Service”(Double Click) --> Disable and Stop the Service

    Disable theme Service

    If you like the Classic look in Windows XP you may disable the Theme service to save memory...

    Start --> Control Panel --> Performance and Maintenance --> Administrator Tools --> Services --> Select “Themes Service”(Double Click) -->Disable and Stop the Service

    For the end here are some websites for Firewall Security Testing










    hey this tut may actually help some ones you neve know ....

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    Wow thankx that helped me a great deal.
    dfsf f sdfdsf

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    wow great tutorial .... keep em coming ....

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    Wow memory nice tutorial. would be even better if it worked. Tried the start menu thing just for the hell of it. Didnt work. And why exactly would anybody want to DISABLE the task manager? Same with indexing? why bother it doesnt hurt anything. Oh yea and grc.com they told me my system was secure with all my firewalls and stuff SHUT DOWN. I dont think they are a very reliable source

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    Hate to break it to you, but most of the stuff mentioned in the tutorial is utterly useless...

    For future reference, the purpose of a tutorial is to inform and explain things... not just give step by step instructions. It would be nice if you had tried to explain why it works, not just walk the user through doing it. After reading the tutorial, I do not feel informed at all, nor do I know WHY much of the things work.

    Enough bashing. Nice work on compiling the list of websites at the end of the post.

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    Good Tut. i knew about the start thing. But not the disk cleanup. Thanks memory. It works well.

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