reading a file as binary
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Thread: reading a file as binary

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    reading a file as binary

    Has anyone got any information on how to read a file as binary. This is for a few programs im making one is to split a file into several parts and the other is to send files over winsock, any information would be great
    thanx trials
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    If you use visual basic you can use

    Open "filename" for binary as #n

    Then you can use Get to read the binary

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    with c++ it's something like this:

    // open a file in "read binary" mode

    filePtr = fopen(filename, "rb");
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    Actually, that is more C file I/O then C++. C++ does support C I/O, so you may see that in a C++ program, but more then likely you will not.

    C++ would use the ifstream (for reading in a file) and ofstream (for writing out a file) classes for file I/O.

    ifstream in(“filename”, ios::binary|ios::nocreate);
    ofstream out(“filename”, ios::binary);

    Here is an example of some code that uses binary I/O to copy a file entered on the command line. More error handling could be added but you get the idea.

    int binaryCopy(char *source, char *destination);
    void usage();
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    	cout<<"Starting bincp...."<<endl;
    	if(argc != 3)
    	{usage();return 1;}
    		cout<<"Error in file argument."<<endl;
    		cout<<"bincp sucessful."<<endl;
    	return 0;
    int binaryCopy(char *source, char *destination)
    	//create I/O streams
    	ifstream in(source, ios::binary|ios::nocreate);
    	ofstream out(destination, ios::binary);
    	//if file fails, die and return 0/false
    	if(!in||!out) return 0;
    	char byte = 0;
    	//do until EOF
    	return 1;
    void usage()
    	cout<<"bincp <sourceFile> <destinationFile>"<<endl;
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