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Thread: Looking for good hosting service.

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    Looking for good hosting service.

    Im building a website for a friend and he has the domain name reserved, but the problem is that there is no host for the website. I was wondering what good, reliable hosting services are out there at resonable prices. Any input would be great. Thanks ahead of time.
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    Anchor Systems are a good host I host my site there and the best thing is thay have 24/7 phone support and 99.8% guaranteed uptime.
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    301 This is a good one also. and a tad less expensive as some of the others

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    I use HostDime at They have excellent support, you can contact them almost 24 hours a day, through e-mail, forums, or AIM and they get back to you within minutes. Their plans and prices are excellent too:
    I think if you sign up for a year, you get two more months free.

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    A really good host is fast, cheap and did I mention fast? MySQL, PHP, and all the extra goooodies. Ask Negative, he can vouch for it as well.

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