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Thread: Im with stupid

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    Wink Im with stupid

    Hail, how are you gentlemen ?

    I really dont know much... i know the basic, i think i can survive... what i am going to do now is reinstall my windows 98 se, as always i will choose 0 additional components in the setup, i wont update the applications that come with the os like windows media player, im not going to install microsoft office, and i will only download the critical\security updates. I really want to avoid contact with microsoft at most.

    But the difrence now is that i am not going to install norton internet security:

    Anti-virus: Well i know what i cant open... i know wich files are dangerous... i think i can survive, i dont really download any warez, only issos, ant those dont have virus... else, i dont think i will have any problem about ,exe files and about the others... i just remove them

    Firewall: well... the thing is that i made many only tests with the firewall turned off and they all said i was secure.

    Why do i want to do this ? you may think this reason sucks, but it means much to me, i dont like norton... too many files, too many files, too many files! i like to have control and this thing even sometimes gives me problems with cookies and websites, etc... ... please understand i REALLY dont want norton.
    As i said i think i dont play with security, all my cofigurations are set not to save passwords or cookies, what i fear is access to my computer because i have 2 cable connections for my 2 computers each one with one connection, and they are networked to each other by ethernet cards, so each computer = 2 card, and each of them have the drives shared with full access (c:\ d:\)... the thing is that all the tests said i was safe

    I want your comments... and can you tell me more sites do test ? any help would be welcome, thanks.


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    Sorry but i still don't understand what you want. Have you had problems before? Do you want to have a computer with "cero" security? You have many more anti-virii instead of Norton, like AVG for example. What's your point?

    You seem schizophrenic with your PC now...


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    Cool Hope you understand now

    I know, sorry for my way of talking hehe...

    What i really wanted to say is: I want to make sure my computer is safe, but i dont want to have norton because it messes too much with the system.

    What i really want is to know if i am safe, as i said, all the internet security tests said my computer was safe with the firewall turned off!

    I know i could use other security applications... but i want to avoid this, sorry. If you could link me to other security tests, i really want to be safe and have no firewall installed.

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    Thing, in your original post you said...

    "...I really want to avoid contact with microsoft at most. ..."

    I've been a linux fan for a few months now, give it a try, you'll like it!!

    "... please understand i REALLY dont want norton. ..."
    neither do i, that's why i use AVG, it's free, easy, up-to-date, you can't beat it...

    If you're connected by a cable modem, then firewalls are a good thing. Dare i say they are necessary??? Yes, i will dare. They are necessary. Zone alarm is free, easy, and up-to-date (sound familiar??) It gives me no problems with cookies, websites, etc...

    happy trails...

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    nothing makes me feel more 'in control' of my computer than a well set up firewall and AV software. i like to be totally aware of whats happening in my environment (too much life in the city i guess).

    check your computer every once in a while with adaware. when you find spyware and adware that you didn't request or authorize know that a trojan or virus could get in the same way.If your surfing 'security' type sites there's a high chance that this could happen. Ever been redirected to a porn site or click on a link in google and find yourself some place you really didn't want to be?

    You can minimize the risk by disableing java scripts, java applettes, active-X controls and removing active scripting from your system but your still putting your box in jepardy by not having safeguards in place.
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    About the linux i will just quote something: "Windows = doing things with problems, linux = cant even do thing"
    But i know linux is good, when you understand it. Im going to install it on my workstation.

    I did all the internet security tests from webpages that i could find with the firewall turned off, so is there any problem ?

    In the past i got a classic problem with windows xp wich is give access to everyone in the internet by sharing things with full access, something like that.

    Maybe i could survive with no firewall... i just want to know if anyone\anything can test my security for real!

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    I really don't understand you, since you don't like windows and you feel that it is useless, why you are still using it? If you don' like Norton, then don't use it.

    You can go to the following link to test your security, just register with your email address and you can go for no risk test.


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    you should get antivirus being connected to cable as welll as a firewall... just cause you know what files are safe there are plenty of worms and the like which require no effort on your part to spread and consume you...
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    Two "freebies" to consider that won't "mess" with your system...

    www.grisoft.com is the home of AVG (mentioned above). AVG is one of the finest free antivirus programs available...and unlike Nortons, updates are free.

    www.agnitum.com is the home of Outpost firewall, yet another free product that performs very well.

    If you want to go online without anti-virii or firewall products, thats your business. IMO, however, thats the equivilent of being addicted to prostitutes and allegic to condoms.....the results of which should be obvious.

    As for your want of testing tools, head over to www.dslreports.com . They have a decent set of security testing tools amongst other things.
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    Try using Zone Alarm as a firewall. And use a simple but powerfull antivirus like R.A.V. or F-PROT.

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