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    Pervasive.SQL and MS.SQL Help

    Can anyone tell me what issues I would have installing the Pervasive.SQL Server on and existing MS.SQL Server? The server we are running is Win NT sp6. The version of MS.SQL is 7.0 sp1 and Pervasive.SQL is 7.8 . I tried to contact Pervasive and MS but they only gave me the run around. If someone could help me or direct me to website that i could find this information out on. Please don't give me the Pervasive or MS websites. I've already checked them. it would be greatly appreicated.


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    You should be able to install both of those on the same machine. They may compete for resources though.

    Try installing the MS SQL Server first, and then shut down the SQL services and install the Pervassive.

    Let me know if you are still having problems,
    Scooter McFly

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