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Thread: Surfing Anonymously. How?

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    Cool Surfing Anonymously. How?

    How one can surf anonymously? Proxies? Anonymous proxy servers?
    what the working methodology of these servers?
    also if one is committed to run his own server and access the banned content from the same machine. It is possible? If yes, I'll be thankful if you expalain little further..
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    This is discussed many times at AO
    search a little in the forums.
    The working metod? Basicly it goes like this:
    you do a request to a proxy, and the proxy handles the request for you. Depending how the proxy is configured the other side will not or will see the true originating IP.

    If you are looking to setup a proxy server yourself for caching webpages try Squid

    You want to test the transparancy of your proxy? try proxy_analyzer
    this page also offers a good explanation of different proxy types.

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    Good read VK. Thanks for this.

    I will simply add PakiBlue to be very careful if you try to play setting up a proxy server. A bad configured proxy server can allow anybody to connect to/through your computer for verious protocols. I assume you will not be extremely happy if you discover 2 days after you have launched the server that it had attacked the pentagon!
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    if you use IE for browsing websites....

    Open Internet Explorer..click on tools-->Internet Option-->Connections-->Settings-->Then check "Use a proxy server for this connection(these settings will not aplly for other connections)--->in the adress box type in ""-->in the port box type in "3182"....thats it ;-)

    here's a list of 31429 proxy server ...most of them anonymous .....


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    It's not completely anonymously as the proxy server know what you do.

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    thanks guys...

    First of all thanks victor for the links!
    Second, I think I couldn't ask my point clearly because of shortage of time yesterday so here I continue...
    I know the things called proxies and am currently sitting on a proxy as well as you can clearly note below my information box... the three way hand shake - proxy servers - anonymous proxy services like anonymizer - and blah blah blah
    What if I want to run a anonymous proxy server on my own machine for my personal use. Only for my personal use to test some things. I've heard about 'CGI Proxy'. any other recommendations?
    Another thing: how one can use MSN and other messengers if there's a ban in place. Proxies or proxy+port redirector (like fpipe from foundstone.com)?
    I expect more feedback from you guys...
    Good night!
    Life would have been alot easier if I had the source code!

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    First of i would like to set your proxy server as machine "A" and your PC that use "A" as proxy server as machine "B".
    Now, I think (not sure) that if the A is on your house or near where B is. Then you will have similar IP. But if A is far away from B then it is going to work as a complete anonymizer.

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