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Thread: I can't stand the blinking dates

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    I can't stand the blinking dates

    Why do they have to blink? Its like a bunch of mini banners. For most animations i can hit the stop button on my browser and they will stop but it has no effect on these things. Its at the point now where i just skim over threads instead of read them. Please stop the blinking!

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    That's the point... they blink --> they're old...

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    Yeah. When I was on 56k a long time ago those blinking things use to slow my page load time down to. Thank God for DSL.
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    I use cable now, but when visiting relatives I am limited to 56k. I can't believe how slow this feels after using cable.
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    Blinking date's! Blinking date's?? What blinking Date's??

    Wait a sec I will disable Proxomotron...hmm and link in a couple of oooold posts..

    Ohhhhh, those blinking dates!!.. supose they are a bit like some ppls avatars they sort of grow on you (hmmm .. my corpse needs refreshing)

    BTW: Neg.. Bloody good Tut on the Proxomotron.. Still haven't got around to configuring it to identify my system as a Gameboy internet browser yet.... the number of pages/sites that load at lightning pace on a plain old Dial Up..

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