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Thread: Help...anyone who knows about postnuke

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    Help...anyone who knows about postnuke

    Ok my friend has a site called www.videogameladder.com and Im pretty sure it was hacked. There were some files that were in the ftp that we didnt put in. One being called robots.txt that disallowed everything. Anyways go to the site and you will see it says session initialization failed. If anyone knows wat to do to fix this please aim me at Fleet812. I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Well the first thing i would recomend is to contact the host of the site. Their admin people will probably be able to deal with this. I know this sounds like a trite little out of the package answer but IMHO its your best bet. Your freind has got to be going through a hosting service for this site. They have people on staff that are trained and get paid to deal with this type of activity. They will also be able to begin attempting to track down the parties responsible(please note the word attempt) for this. without seeing the activity logs i cant say for sure that you've been hacked but it is a possibilitie. Please keep me posted on what you find i am interested to hear.

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    Um, robots.txt does not dissalow everything for humans. Robots.txt is a file that tells crawling robots (for search engines, etc.) what to collect and what not to, so when your friend had the robots.txt file (which postnuke automatically generates) it keeps search engines from getting his other pages (members,etc).

    I can help with the session_initialization problem, send me an Instant Message @ poop spud. I will gladly help out.
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    I'm guessing he moved the Forum...coz the forum Index.php still works..
    you'v got a link miss-match some where I figure...

    http://www.videogameladder.com/forum/index.php <-- Works fine
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