Hi people,
It's been a while since my last post. This time i have some questions for you guys regarding smoothwall. I have read the only thread i found about it and unfortunately was not as complete as i hope it would be.
I have some knowledge in programing c/c++ languages, and wanted to know firstly if it is too dificult to add some process regarding caller id and stuff of the sort to this PC generated router. I understand that a router and a caller id system have little in common; but i have got only 1 PC and want a really tight firewall; haven't got much time to read the IPTables howto's and need to hook the calling ID modules to my router (or linux) box.
I would also like to know (if it's not much to ask), how secure can a box running smoothwall be, and if learning IPTables would enable me to design a tigther firewall/router. Or the result would be similar...
Well, people, hope that someone hold's the answer's i'm serching,
regards, and thank's for your help,
AMPM 2003.