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Thread: NMapwin

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    Listen guys we don't have to repeat the same things over and over. Please...

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    hrmmm....well i guess my answear to whoever started this post would have to be, read either: the man pages, read a tut on stateful-packet filters, and read about the TCP/IP stack...or better yet, just read all three plus some, hope this helped, take it easy people.
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    If you have linux installed nmap comes with it. All you have to do "man nmap" without any quotes ofcourse, and it will give you some basic knowledge of nmap.

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    If I remind well, a text-file version of the Nmap man page is included with the Windows version. So , simply check your installation directory to find this file and you will have good explanations about what Nmap is saying to you.

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    I hate windows
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