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Thread: snmp tools for windoze similar to tkinetd

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    snmp tools for windoze similar to tkinetd

    ive been given (another) assignment for my uni course, ive chosen to do a question on various SNMP tools / programs for windoze / linux and would like to know if any of you could reccomend a free one (or a few) for windoze to install on my XP pro box to experiment with to write a report on...

    i have access to tkinetd on the SGI's that we have at uni so the linux / UNIX version isnt a problem, i've googled, yahooed and tucows'ed for something but im not really sure what im looking for, the lecturer has already said that im meant to find some myself so im asking here kinda as a last resort as i cant find anything, BTW the assignment is optional but i dont really want my exam to be 80% of the subject mark

    so if any of you know of a free software for this (or even a time limited demo, i only need it to work for a week or so) please let me know as it would be greatly appreciated

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    Cool try this...


    i'm not that familiar with *nix...yet!

    i did a google for the tool you mentioned so i could get some screenshots of what you are looking at.

    i use a package called snmpc which is from castle rock.

    currently im only using some of the basic features of the software but it looks like you can "bolt on" pretty much anything to it.

    snmpc is currently on version 6 (although i got mine when it was version 5).

    here: http://www.castlerock.com/products/d...evaluation.htm

    its about 20MB i think.

    hope this is useful.

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    Well.. when it comes to SNMP I haven't found too much software that is really good for free or at low cost for the m$ platform.

    I have found a couple that is worth looking into though...
    Just remember.. you have to have something to monitor... (switches, routers, servers) or it will be kind of pointless to use the software. These devices must have the snmp service running and configured...

    check out

    that is a little something to get you started.
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