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    PGP keys

    Hey guys during this thread i thought the following:
    In an other forum i am logged in the profile you can add your public key.
    Why not add this feature in our forum here?
    and dragonwhip explained that idea better
    ii-monk, I think that's a great idea! Also, thebunny, actually, you have the order a little mixed up; you would encrypt using your own private key, and your recipient would use your public key to decrypt. Also, they can verify your public key and assign a level of trust to it which can be downloaded into the public key on a key server.They can sign it as well, showing everyone that they know you are the true holder of that key and that you can or cannot be truated. Since my twin brother and I both use PGP, naturallyI assign him the highest level of trust (even though I still remember the Christmas toy he broke when we were 5 years old!). Or if you want, you can find my keys at keyserver PGP under Michal Baskett, one of which has a level of 2048, and the other of 4096 bit encryption, a type of Diffie Hillman, and no expiration dates.
    Well what do you think?

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    On the other thread, I had to put my personal info because when I tried to export my public keys, they would only export in encrypted format. I'm not sure why. I couldn't get it not to do that, so I had no choice really. By the way, I am presently downloading the program from SETI and can hopefully contribute something to the project. This is something that I have had an interest in for quite some time and I'm pretty excited about it.
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    You can join our team if you want.

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