This is more a train of thought about computery things in general more than about anything specific. I was thinking about the various areas in which I have no knowledge or very little, and concepts that I have found difficult to grasp at college / university, regardless of how many lectures I've had or how many technicals books, manuals I've read. My point is, with the vast wealth of knowledge available on this site (yes, I know there are tuts on most subjects), but many members must have easy way,s of doing thing's for example "IP addressing", where the concept can be difficult to grasp, as I know. I remember being totally lost with things such as Venn Diagrams,Karnaugh Maps and Combinational Logic until someone showed me a really simple method that made sense to me.Questions I ask would grading tutorials be of be any benefit , e.g Basic, Intermediate , Expert, as everyones experience and knowledge is at different levels. Another thing that I firmly believe in is the back to basics adage " if you don't understand the old stuff how can you understand the the new stuff, for example processors, ie 80x86 etc.My apologies if this comes across as the ramblings of an old guy, I'll stop dribbling now, just thoughts.