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Thread: Banner Free Surfing is HERE

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    Banner Free Surfing is HERE

    I would just like to say, AntiOnline was created as a free site with minimal ads and should remain so. For anyone who does not wish to constantly look at a Micro$hit ad that takes up half the page every time you read a thread, simply download the .zip file, extract the folder that applies to you, and run the .bat file. Simple and easy.

    I will continue to update these files as needed for the increasing ads that JupiterMedia is forcing us to look at, until that is, they offer Banner Free Surfing.

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    Check out Negs Tutorial on the greatest freeware tool ever!!

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    Banner Free Surfing seems to be working fine for me. Seems to have kicked in today, I'm no longer getting any of those MS ads (ironic that we get MS ads here?)

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    webattack.com is the best site i have seen with System Application and other stuff ... i didnt know the site ... tx

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    The3ntropy this files are with KaZaA Lite. This files are made from the programmers of KaZaA Lite not from you don't steal others hard work.

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    powertoad5000, same here, seems to work
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    I use proxomitron on win and I honestly don't know were the **** you're all worried about ... I see nothing of a banner ad at all.
    Double Dutch

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    Originally posted by ii-monk
    The3ntropy this files are with KaZaA Lite. This files are made from the programmers of KaZaA Lite not from you don't steal others hard work.
    Those files aren't made by KaZaA-programmers... KaZaA SuperTrick uses this...trick...yes, but it's not an 'all exclusive' KaZaA-trick...

    KaZaA's help comes with a pretty decent explanation of how the hosts-file works:

    KaZaA help files

    How do I block ads and pop-ups?

    By using a simple trick. By editing a file called HOSTS you can competely block access to certain websites. Using this trick you can block websites that serve ads or onces that might compromize your privacy and security. This trick also speeds up the loading time of websites, because the ads don't have to be downloaded.

    How exactly does the HOSTS file work?

    The short answer is that the HOSTS file is like an address book. When you type an address like www.yahoo.com into your browser, the HOSTS file is consulted to see if you have the IP address, or "telephone number," for that site. If you do, then your computer will "call it" and the site will open. If not, your computer will ask your ISP's (internet service provider) computer for the phone number before it can "call" that site. Most of the time, you do not have addresses in your "address book," because you have not put any there. Therefore, most of the time your computer asks for the IP address from your ISP to find sites.

    If you put ad server names into your HOSTS file with your own computer's IP address (Localhost:, your computer will never be able to contact the ad server. It will try to, but it will be simply calling itself and get sort of a "busy signal". Your computer will then give up calling the ad server and no ads will be loaded, nor will any tracking take place. Your choices for blocking sites are not just limited to blocking ad servers. You may block sites that serve advertisements, sites that serve objectionable content, or any other site that you choose to block. Also would it be possible to redirect a website to another website by using that website's IP adress in stead of your computers IP adress.

    Where can I find that HOSTS file you are talking about?

    This HOSTS file is located here:

    Linux /etc
    Windows 95/98/Me c:\windows\
    Windows NT/2000/XP c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
    (you may need administrator access for Windows NT/2000)

    NOTE: The HOSTS file does NOT have an extention (extensions are the .exe, .txt, .doc, etc. endings to filenames). HOSTS.sam is just an sample file, not the file you need to edit.


    How can I edit the HOSTS file?

    You can open the HOSTS file by right-clicking on it and selecting "open with". Then select Notepad.

    After that you can edit it similar as you would with a normal text file.
    Note that you can also use this 'trick' on your Linux-box...

    Now, something else... I hear a lot of people bitching about the earned site benefit that prevents those who earned that benefit from seeing ads...
    Those people have a point: either the benefit should be taken away, or the ads should go... (As mentioned by PowerToad and Shrekkie, it seems this matter has been taken care of already).
    Now, to the point. If it is a site benefit for those who earned it, don't you agree then that it shouldn't be a benefit for those who didn't earn it? By posting this thread, you just gave everyone that site benefit, earned or not... I don't have to remind you that AO depends on those ads, do I?

    I know it's just a simple trick that most people already figured out themselves, but still...

    What's next? A 'trick' for people who don't have 10 posts to get a custom avatar? Free access to conference rooms for everybody? Addicts Forum-access for everybody?

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    Negative >> I can't find them threads anymore, but everyone has access to the addicts forum already right ? With them <hide from something inserts>, or has that been fixed ?
    Double Dutch

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    Negative, How is this thread's explanation of how to get rid of ads any different than your thread that explains how to use proximitron to block ads? They both do the same job (I know proximitron does more), yet you complain when The3ntropy tells people how to block ads with a hosts file? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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