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Thread: Bios Help ^_^

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    Talking Bios Help ^_^

    Hello, I was wondering how you can change the Bios settings, they seem to be locked. I have the password and I know how to get into the Bios area it's just when I go into a area (in bios), most of the files are dark blue and I can't access them or change them.
    I'm running winblows'98 SE and Dual Bios.

    Any help would be much appreciated ^_^ Thanks!
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    If you can't get to the area that you want to change then you can't change it.

    You can only change options that allow you to hightlight them.

    If a lot of the options don't allow you to access them for example the the type of Hard drive. security settings, ect. Just type in your password, and presto.

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