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Thread: Hardware question

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    Hardware question

    I have a 60GB Quantum hard disk drive with a fried controller card and a 40GB Maxtor with a disturbing rattle eminating from it. because of the rattle, I am not so confident in using the 40 GB drive, and due to the fact that POST doesn't pick up the 60GB drive, that one in useless to me, Question: If I take the controller card from the 40GB drive and put it on the 60GB drive, would it work properly? The drives are IDENTICAL, right down to the controller card assembly, with the exception of the names, the drives are indestinguishable from one another. I wondered if the information about the drives capacity was on the controller card or not. also: if I try it, will it destroy the drive(s)?
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    Seeing as Quantum is owened by Maxtor.. there is a good chance that as you say they are the same except for the name.. While I haven't tried swaping the controller from different size drives.. you can give it a go. no physical harm.. I suspect that the card is preprogramed .. with its identity.. "hi I'm a 40Gb Quantum" is what your BIOS will report, when the 40G's ctl card is installed in the 60.. IMHO.. I could be wrong..

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