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Thread: A dieing hackerculture?

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    Question A dieing hackerculture?

    Some think the hackerculture is dieing with the increasing amount of script kiddies, but I think
    it has just began now everything is getting done by computers. When people have computer controlled houses it will really mean something to be a hacker.

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    I disagree and agree with you Qinn at the same time.
    I agree that the meaning of the world hacker will evolve in the future but I disagree with the notion that the hackerculture just began. It started 40 years ago at MIT, then progressed throughout the years to include the famous Cap'n Crunch (70's), the formation of BBS and hacker groups (80's) and the 90's with the notorious Kevin Mitnick.
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    Hackers are not just computer people. If you read Steven Levy's book "Hackers" you'll read that the first round of hacker were the MIT model railroad society. Hacking is done in every thing we do. Maybe the crackers, cyberpunks and script kiddies are en vogue at this time but hacking isn't dead. The hacks I'm most proud of are the ones I've done in the kitchen.

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