Check my little security forum out!
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Thread: Check my little security forum out!

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    Thumbs up Check my little security forum out!

    Hi all,
    I have created a nice little forum to gather some local guys to talk on security and related things. What I felt staying here is, there are very very very few of them here, so I personally ventured a forum to attract them.
    Check 'em out and do give me your comments and suggestions.

    Don't forget to visit the

    I've just uploaded some stuff for other to read. Give this a serious definite look!

    Over and out...
    Life would have been alot easier if I had the source code!
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    May 2003
    This forum see's very new to me but i think i'll just sign up and see a bit more....The design is easy an cool...
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    Pakiblue, why is it that everytime I try to access the second page a virus tries to infect my computer? Isn't it kinda fishy?
    Better check your website pal!
    \"Great spirits always encounter strong opposition from mediocre minds.\"
    Albert Einstein
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    ehh.. nice design I guess, however I don't think you should have advertised your site like this. It's also called spamming.. but you get my idea.
    Space For Rent.. =]
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