Posted under web development since its a web development issue:

Has anyone here experinced problems with file upload scripts where members can upload files. Useing the same upload script on the same server with full read/write/execute access permissions and the same 203kb gif image, I get either a 403 forbiden or 200 OK server responce and is difernt each time, seems unpredictable.

Sometimes the upload works, with the 200 OK, but other times it fails with the 403. I know my script is ok because I downloaded an example uplad script elsewhere and it gave same results 403 sometimes and 200 other times, all with the same 203kb gif image. trying other gif's and jpegs of various sizes form 102kb - 203kb give same result, all under 102kb never give me 403.

See the atached file to see what I mean. I give an example of exact same post request one with 200 OK server responce and one with 403 forbidden.

Can someone help me here I am stuck.