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    Random link

    Ok heres my problem for my security site i use geocities free hosting -_- ok ok i know im geting some good pay hosting soon but i gota deal with this. And it always shuts my sites down because im over my bandwith for the month. I hate this. So heres what i want to accompilish: I want to make another account with the exact same content and layout then on my enter page their would be some sort of script that would randomly goto one of them. Which would even out my data transpher and maybe work a little better. Im using cgi spy for the random URL but its crap it send it to the page not found URL when cgi is down very often and before it enters it takes them to their pagewith a bunch of pop ups then you gota wait 5 seconds *_*. So im just wondering if anyone could help me out with a Java script code or something to randomly pull one of the links. Thanks ALOT!
    Hacker dan

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    I would think instead of a random redirection script you would want to find a free host that gives more monthly bandwidth if what you're getting isn't cutting it for you. Geocities sucks anyways, and leaving it isn't such a bad idea.

    But back to your question...here is a link to several redirection scripts...the second one, being a random script, just what you need:


    Good luck.

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