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Thread: Help needed on component services

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    Exclamation Help!!

    A couple of days ago I had the unfourtunate idea to enhance my security by manipulating the settings in the component services(local) and I`ve disabled ;remote acces connection manager, remote procedure call, telephony and a few other things and since then I`ve been in Hell. I`ve been able to restart the majority of things eccept these 3,Icannot launch blueyonder instant support tool,can`t get blueyonder homepage ,can`t get the Windows
    "set Programs Acces and from Default" from start up and the message is that can`t run the java on the blue. homep.,if I try to send an e-mail I get the message that there is not enought memory. Basically I am done for so if anybody has any resonable suggestions please?? This computer is a Dell Latitude Laptop and the OS is Windows 2000 professional pack3.

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    **Thread moved from Tutorials to Newbie Security**

    Did you put the Service Pack on before or after you did the security changes? Did you install anything else?

    Did you record what changes you did so you could reverse some of them if something was needed?

    Have you checked to see if anything else is running in memory?
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    Several things:

    Microsoft do not seem to understand what "Remote Access" is. "Remote Access", to anybody except Microsoft, means allowing remote access to a machine (like, VNC, Terminal Server or PcAnywhere). However, to Microsoft, "Remote Access" means the server-side of dial-up networking.

    Secondly, "Telephony", does not mean "Telephony" to Microsoft. Instead, it means "Stuff which controls modems".

    It is likely that both of those are required for some broadband connections to work, as DSL / ADSL connections seem to pretend to be a modem (even though they're not) to Windows, and hence get treated accordingly.

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