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    Question networking question

    hey, i have just started out getting into networking but am barely a newbie, i just bought a crossover cable and was able to share files from one windows box to another windows box but was too short so i bought another one that says Fast CAT5e networking cable snagless patch cable and now i can't share files. i wanted to know if that CAT5e patch cable could be used for that and if not what is the difference between patch cable and crossover cable

    thanks for any help

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    sorry bro, patch cable and cross over cables are two different things. you might as well invest in small hub, maybe be better in the long run.


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    Patch Cable v. Crossover Cable
    [Q] What's the difference between CAT 5e patch cable and CAT 5e crossover cable?

    [A] The difference has to do with the wiring of the cable and the situation in which you will use the cable.

    On a CAT 5e patch cable, the wiring configuration is identical on both ends of the cable.

    On a CAT 5e crossover cable, the wiring of pins 1, 2, 3, and 6 are "crossed-over" to pins 3, 6, 1, and 2.

    CAT 5e crossover cables are used in situations where two devices have the same interface, for example, connecting a hub to a hub, or a switch to a switch, or even when patching a hub or switch into a wallplate.

    The most common use is to connect two PCs directly to each other, without the use of any kind of router, hub, or switch. This is called a peer-to-peer network, and is a low-cost solution to allow file and Internet sharing between two computers.


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    Here are some links that might help...

    This is a PDF doc on straight and crossover cables


    Here is another one on basic networking and cables


    Hope this helps

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