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    Question is anyone else addicted to outwar?!

    hey everyone, i stumbled arcoss this site about a month ago, and i am hooked! its called outwar.com heres my page: http://www.outwar.com/page.php?x=709988 this is very addicting! i was just wonderin if anyone else here heard of it, or was addicted like me

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    Yes we've all heard it as many, many, many people feel the need to spam AO with it. It seems to keep popping up in threads every now and then and is starting to get a little annoying. At least that's my opinion.

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    sorry, i didn't mean to spam AO i was just wonderin of anyone else felt the same way, its very addictive
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    it's a childish game made by a lame telemarketing / commercial (as in tv) company and it sucks bigtime..

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    Heh, I'm w/ Jinx and Regz it's purty dumb, I think. Wasn't there even a point where people were starting the 'AO team', heh heh?
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    yes all my friends feel the need to trick people into visiting their outwar page
    (changing their subprofile and other various links to it etc.)

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