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    This is the first time i am entering a place like antionline.

    I am a newbie and would like to hack and not crack

    i wanna learn lot about Linux .

    I want someone who can take me as their mentee and be my mentor and teach stuff.

    Or give me guidelines, coz i dont know where to start .

    thanx ,
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    You have come to a good place to learn alot about computer security.
    Check out the tutorials forum (and the index by negative) to find things you want to learn.

    Perhaps learning about tcp/ip is a good place to start perhaps programming is.
    If you come accross any question be sure to use the search function on this site and use google.
    In the tutorials forum there are some posts about getting the most out of google (which is your best friend if you want to learn). If you still come up empty about a certain subject you can always post a question on this board.
    Welcome to AO and enjoy your stay.


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    I am a newbie and would like to hack and not crack

    i wanna learn lot about Linux .

    I want someone who can take me as their mentee and be my mentor and teach stuff.
    Questions like this come up on a regular basis. AO isn't a mentor program. What you'll need to do is ask intelligent questions with some meat to them.

    For example:
    I'm new to Linux and I'd like to get started by learning how to install and configure the operating system. Where can I find the installation files, what kind of hardware requirements am I looking at and where can I find some good docs for beginners?

    If you ask questions like the one above, then you learn a lot and people here will be more than willing to help you out. Don't ask to be taught how to hack. It's one step above, "How do I hack hotmail?"

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    yoo neon,

    Welcome to the AO, hope u can learn much more. If u wanna start how to use *Nix u can saw many threads on the forums list or u can visit http://www.linux.com and http://www.ctssn.com/ for example to find out more about Linux or do some search in serach engine like GOOGLE or something like that.
    I believe the members here will help you out to find the solution about your problem or trouble shoots, so enjoy your self here mate.
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    there you have some great links ...and for other things you want to learn about just google it ..search for tutorials nad free e-books .......

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    Another great Linux-newbie site:
    And I would recommend getting your hands on a Linux machine and just start experimenting with it .
    And Welcome to AO
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    Check out http://www.tldp.org/ This lots of Linux documentation.
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