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Thread: Proxomitron site taken down, Proxo not developed anymore!

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    Unhappy Proxomitron site taken down, Proxo not developed anymore!

    The topic says it: the official Proxomitron site has been taken down and the program itself is not being developed anymore. One reason for such an event was the horrible flame war that raged through the Proxomitron mailing list. The war was started by this innocent message whose subject is that if the newest version of Proxo can't connect through a proxy for one reason or another, it will connect directly.

    This is supposed to be the last message from Scott, the author of Proxomitron.

    I have to say this was a shock about as big as the one when I saw that AntiOnline was for sale. I know that many many of you are using Proxomitron, so you might want to send some nice email to Scott to thank him for all the effort he has put into Proxomitron.
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    First I found out was when a couple of friends tried to d/l it 2nite... bugger..

    We had best do our best to encourage Scott to keep on going.. this is a f-can handy prog..

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    Bummer, that stinks. . .is there anywhere you can still get any version of it? Eh, I'll google it. . .that really does stink, it's a handy little proggie. . .too bad about the flame wars. . .bye bye little green triangle. . .
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    www.webattack.com you can get it there

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    you have to be a member of the group-list to be able to read the messages, and since this product is gone I have no plans to sign up. So how about a cut-n-paste for those of us that aren't members?

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    The proxomitron can still be download from here :


    Have a nice day.

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    Hmm, I didn't realize the message archives aren't open for non-members.

    Here's the little message to begin it all:
    From: Homeric <rsdtvnzexdgw@s...>
    Date: Wed May 28, 2003 8:02 pm
    Subject: Naoko 4.5 is NOT using remote proxy!

    Greetings, All!

    Naoko 4.5 release was not using Remote proxy despite the selection.
    I had to replace it with beta, restart, then put back the exe from the
    release and restart.

    Now it is using the remote proxy, but I will watch this for more time.

    Then I went to another site and again - the release is not using remote

    Homeric mailto:206~bk.ru
    Work while it is day
    Some people apparently took it too personally that Proxo makes a direct connection without asking the user first if the proxy doesn't work...

    I trusted Proxomitron to do what I asked it to do, and it was not
    worthy my trust. So my discussion about this is not how other proxies
    behave or whatever dangers there are by using them. No, my problem is
    much much closer. It is about Proxomitron here on my own machine,
    which I can not trust to do what I excpected it to do, - not to
    connect directly.

    And please spare me for remarks about the dangers of using proxies. It
    is not what this topic is about, at all.

    Anyway, about a hundred replies later, Scott's last message:
    This is the only post I will make regarding Proxomiton.

    Yes, I pulled the site down.

    No, It's not because of Arne so no one should blame him. I'm not happy
    with all those on the Yahoo list doing so.

    I make lots of changes to the program with being human I sometimes
    forget to document. I added this one because of a few emails
    requesting it since it was a minor alteration (1 line of code). I
    fogot about it until it was mentioned on the list.

    Yes, I was hurt that Arne attacked me personally for this rather than
    just making a case for changing it back - which I probably would have
    been willing to do if enough people wanted it. I think my post at
    Yahoo confirm this: As I said on the list, people will of course only
    request something the program doesn't already do. So I know having a
    number of requests for an item doesn't necessairly mean that's what
    most people want.

    I don't use "anon" proxies much myself anymore so I didn't think much
    about it from that angle. To me having fail-over seem like a good idea
    since it makes the connection itself more reliable. The basic argument
    people requesting the feature made to me was "A proxy is to help your
    connection - one that you can't connect to isn't helping". To be
    bypassed the proxy actually has to fail to connect - usually after
    several retries. The problem is many anon proxies are overloaded or
    misconfigured so connection failures are not as uncommon as they are
    with a normal proxy.

    As Arne said, this isn't the first time I've considered giving it all
    up. This is just the first time I've actually done it. I apologize,
    I'm not perfect - all I was trying to do was the best I can. However,
    if a change I considered so minor can get me labeled as a "betrayer of
    trust" from someone I've long regarded with respect, then perhaps I
    shouldn't be doing this at all.

    In the end it's a matter of balance. There are many, many reasons for
    me to give it up - not just this. In this day and age I even worry
    someone might sue me because of it. I have to ask myself why devote so
    much of my life to something when it can illicit this kind of reaction
    from people. I've never asked that *anyone* use the program, and I'm
    surely not offended if people wish to use something else.

    Lastly, although the official versions may be re-distributed the
    beta's may not (this was made clear in the readme that came with
    them). I ask that their license please be respected. They do contain
    bugs which were fixed in the final version (non withstanding any bugs
    that may have) and it's possible these bugs could be exploited.
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    A: Because Oct 31 = Dec 25

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